• Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper
  • Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper
  • Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper
  • Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper
  • Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper

Back to the 1980s Gift Hamper



Ah, the 80s! The coolest era of them all when Wham and Madonna ruled Top Of The Pops, Cars were made in Britain and footballers had the shortest shorts known to man! This is the ideal gift hamper for the 80's fan in your life!


  • Game Over Joystick Arcade Mug
  • Pack of 4 Vinyl Record Drinks Coasters
  • Guess that Tune Eighties Game
  • 1kg of Classic British Sweets from the 1980's

This is our personal favourite! Sweet gift hamper! The classic joystick mug takes us straight back to the arcades where we spent hours playing pac-man, track & field and Karate Kid! 

The pack of Coasters will come in handy to put that mug on and of course designed as little vinyl records they reflect the theme of the era perfectly! The last decade of true music before the CD came along and ruined music forever!

Talking of music, this was a huge era for British artists of course and we all had our own personal favourites on our NOW HITS records! Test your supreme knowledge of the music of this decade with the very cool Eighties Guess that Tune Game. Roll the dice, say the lyrics and guess the song to win!

Obviously you'll need a prize for winning the game so we have included 1 KG of popular British Sweets from the 1980s so you can totally immerse yourself in all things 80s tastic. Too many to list but included are such sweets legends as the 'Wham' bar, Rainbow Drops, Fizz Whizz, Double Dip, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Jazzles, Chocolate Tools, Bon Bons, Sherbert Pips, Licorice Catherine Wheels and lots lots more. This is the mix-up bag of legends!

The 'Back to the 1980s' Partypackage Sweet Hamper is sent in a themed postage gift box so makes an ideal gift sent direct to your recipient. We think it's almost as good as a Time Machine! Great Scott!!!!


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